“I was able to determine a clear path forward”

“I have gained so much value from working with Corry. Through his coaching, I was able to determine a clear path forward based on my core values and professional goals. He brings great energy and humor to every interaction, and I always leave feeling excited and motivated. He provides a balanced approach to coaching, pushing and probing when necessary, supporting when appropriate. Taking time out of my busy week for coaching with Corry is time well spent ”

Professional Musician

“Productivity that I never thought possible”

“Our meetings have provided me with unparalleled clarity, helping me maintain a constant flow state in my endeavors. The guidance and support I’ve received have been invaluable, allowing me to achieve a level of focus and productivity that I never thought possible. This coaching service has truly been a game-changer for me.”


“Corry held a beautiful and safe space for me”

“I have nothing but incredible things to say about working with Corry. He was able to take my scattered thoughts and transform them into tangible action items that were easy and enjoyable to implement into my everyday life. These actions have brought the grounding and motivation I was previously lacking to transition into a new stage of my life as a creative. Corry held a beautiful and safe space for me to share both my pain points and goals, and effectively held me accountable in my growth between our sessions. I 100% recommend Corry to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally”

Head of Marketing

“His passion is to get you closer to your dream”

“He is the most passionate coach I have ever met. I got to know Corry a year ago and we have been working together for the last 2 months. At one point, I was in a very low place and thanks to him I got out of there and reached a more positive version of myself. He has a unique skill of truly listening while also asking life changing questions. He is positive, full of energy, and just great to be around. His passion is to get you closer to your dream.”

Hungarian- American Visual Artist

“I landed a new job with a 25K higher base salary”

“It has been a really phenomenal experience. I came to Corry for help with career problems not only did he help me get on the right path with that but he also inspired me to bring music back into my life and got me budgeting. After working with him I landed a new job with a 25K higher base salary. I cannot recommend Corry enough. Super patient, kind, understanding and helpful

Sales Representative

“Thought-provoking questions, and great listening skills”

“When Corry started coaching me, I was starting over after a lengthy corporate career. I was overwhelmed by the many decisions I needed to make and knew that, if I was to remain healthy, I had to learn to prioritize myself more. Corry’s calm approach, thought-provoking questions, and great listening skills set up a trusting environment that allowed me to reflect and grow. He helped me cut through the clutter to discover how I wanted to live my purpose-driven life and run my business built around my passion. With a plan in place, I am delighted to say that I am on my way! Thank you, Corry!  I highly recommend Corry as he is an outstanding coach who will help you discover how you can incorporate your passion into your life.”

Sales Consultant & Business Owner

“Corry has helped me to prepare for selling my artwork at events”

“I found Corry’s coaching services at just the right time! Corry has helped me to prepare for selling my artwork at events and online. As an artist, it can be challenging to face the business aspects of sharing my work, and Corry has helped me to frame my goals, confront mindset challenges, prioritize my values, and dream of the business I want to build. With the accountability and actionable steps provided, I feel empowered to keep building towards my dreams.”

Visual Artist

“Our conversations were introspective, and enlightening”

“Corry is like a lighthouse, shining pathways through the stormy oceans of the unconscious and helping to guide us towards our greatest freedom.  Before meeting with Corry, I struggled to manage my time and follow through with my goals. I had a strong passion and vision, but I didn’t have a clearly defined method of manifesting it into reality. Through his guidance, I was not only able to set daily habits and goals, but i was also able to understand the psychophysical roots of the obstacles to my success. Each week, we experimented with new ways to implement his highly efficacious strategies and transform my insecurities into opportunities for growth. Our conversations were introspective, and enlightening, constantly reminding me of my higher purpose. Thank you Corry, for teaching me how to structure a sustainable life around my core values: creativity, authenticity, joy, and love.

Sound Healer & Business Owner

“Learn(ed) how to create habits that would last”

“Working with Corry benefitted me on so many different levels – I was in a place where I needed to organize myself in order to handle what felt like an overwhelming amount of work, but was also trying to learn how to create habits that would last beyond the current dash to the finish line. He showed both the aptitude and willingness to work with me on both fronts – from the granular detail of agendas and to-do lists, to zoomed-out perspectives that looked at my work/life patterns more holistically.”

Professional Composer

“My confidence and perspective have shifted 180 degrees”

“I look back on my career before working with Corry and can only say my confidence and perspective have shifted 180 degrees. Together, we tackled some of my deepest professional fears and I feel like a new person in a new chapter. As someone with ADHD and difficulty with follow-through, forming action steps together allowed me to gain experience and exposure that over time broke down my mental blocks. Corry is so trustworthy and his support and check-ins allowed me to persevere and thrive. Now I can refer to this skillset we built and keep moving forward on my own. I truly didn’t know if I’d ever work through these things before working with Corry. Thank you so much, Corry.”

Visual Artist

“You will receive a uniquely powerful experience”

“Corry helped me during a particularly dark time in my life. His coaching felt more like a horizontal partnership, rather than vertical mentorship. The lessons that I have imparted from my journey with Corry will stick with me because we learned them together. Furthermore, you will receive a uniquely powerful experience from Corry that you will not regret.”

Lieutenant, United States Navy

“Getting to speak with Corry about my business is an absolute pleasure”

“Getting to speak with Corry about my business is an absolute pleasure and delight. As someone who sources a lot of stress and anxiety from being my own boss, Corry’s advice, strategies and listening skills have been reassuring, confidence boosting, and transformative around the way I approach my work.”

Small Business Owner