“Dear Ma”

“Thanks for an exciting, blissful, chilly, and silent weekend in the mountains. You reminded me just how incredible it feels to be in the woods, in the middle of somewhere. We recalled that the last time we backpacked together was over 10 years ago, when I was a kid. All through my childhood you kindled my relationship with nature. This weekend you told me that even before I could walk, you’d pull me along in a sled behind you during your skiing escapades in the snowy woods beyond our rock walls. Throughout the years I’ve absorbed and reflected your love of nature, and in turn found peace, adventure, and solace. You have passed on other skills such as your knack for being what I call “sign blind” (not seeing or ignoring large red NO TRESPASSING signs), your love of travel, reading, and your “if someone can do it- you can do it” attitude. These are all mindsets I’m grateful for, and I owe thanks to you for always pointing me in the right direction, hoping that it will most often lead me towards the road less traveled”.

Ma on Mt. Colvin

View from Mt Colvin (4081 ft)

Hiking Colvin

Hiking Mt. Colvin

This weekend we spent three days hiking in the Keene Valley region of the Adirondacks. We climbed two high peaks, Mt. Colvin and Mt. Blake. On the second night, I began writing this post by the light of the campfire, then continued it at the local library and finally finished it here in my warm bed. Though I’m feeling sore, I’m already awaiting the next adventure.


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