Wandering Man Recording Sesh #1

This Sunday I had my first recording session for the Wandering Man EP. The previous week I had finished writing all the parts, and the band was well rehearsed. However, the night before, I received devastating personal news from someone close to me, and had one of the most trying days of my life. I was close to canceling my session, but my producer had just arrived from Rochester and after hours of talking we decided to move forward and see what we could get done. With barely any sleep we woke up the next day and began what would become a 20 hour recording session. Although the studio was the last place I wanted to be, it was absolutely where I should’ve been. With my friends all around, everyone working hard, and with more listening than speaking, I had the most incredible recording session.

Warming up for Recording Session

Grand Piano Sound Check

Throughout the day we recorded drums, bass, grand piano and auxiliary percussion. I feel wonderfully grateful about working with such talented musicians. I want to give a shout out to my drummer, Ethan Gustavson, bassist Sean Power and engineer Nathan DeBrine for making this weekend a blast. Ethan is one of the kindest, most persistent, engaging players I’ve ever met. He would reach out to ME to ask for more rehearsal time, (which is hard to find among musicians). Sean is a killin bass man, and played with taste on every tune. Each of us come from very different musical backgrounds, and yet Sean and Ethan were able to discover what the song needed and supply it with ease. Nate, one of my best friends, directed the whole session and guided us throughout. He always makes me feel right at home in the studio, with his wacky sense of humor, and strange noises he likes to make through the studio intercom. When I was tired and ready to give up for the day, he pushed me to stay and convinced me to lay down all the piano takes over the rhythm section that night. He encouraged me to throw my sadness, and frustration in the music.

Nate Miking Ethan's Drum Set

Nate Miking Ethan’s Drum set

Our Toys

(Studio A Mixing Board) (Steinway Grand Piano)

Another good friend of mine, Jared Waters assisted the session. Jared has been the man behind the scenes who has allowed the album to become possible. He’s helped me every step of the way with getting the best equipment, and the best studio the school offers.

With friends all around, and a beautiful atmosphere I feel as if I performed the best I could have, and couldn’t be more excited to begin recording vocals and layer guitars, harmonies, and keyboards. Though prior to the session I had decided to record vocals in a different studio, I had a last minute change of mind and recorded the vocals, and piano for Through the Gap at the same time. We captured a live performance sometime around 2am that Monday morning, and I experienced a near spiritual state of mind through my performance. It was the first time where I was TRULY feeling the phrases, and melody, as emotions and accepting the truth of the story I was telling. I found that the personal loss I had experienced the night before allowed me to be vulnerable and open enough to really sit inside the song and sing my way out.

The songs we tracked that night were:

Meet With You
A New Goodbye
Humboldt Park
City Lights
Through the Gap
Wandering Man

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