Last weekend, after Yajayra and I visited the botanical garden we headed deeper into the Bronx to meet with up with one of my good friends Andrew. We ran into to him on the street on our way to his favorite Indian restaurant Hungry Bird, and walked there together.

Shoes on Pavement

Shoes from left to right (Andrew, Me, Yajayra)

Andrew and I met through an A Capella group on campus, became close friends, and lived together the following year. We pushed each other to better our chops, our voices and songwriting. Most of all, we both encouraged self improvement in all aspects of our lives. We often played music together and I learned an enormous amount from him. We set up our living room with his drum set, my keyboard and his guitars. We spent countless nights up late playing, or writing goofy, ridiculous songs until we crashed in our beds.

During our winter break from school Andrew visited a friend in Australia and I spent a month traveling New Zealand. He flew over from Sydney and we rented a car for a week to explore the north island. The weather was fantastic during my whole stay in New Zealand EXCEPT for when he visited…. he brought a week long tropical storm with hard rain everyday. We traveled down the coast in a rental car, and ate, cooked and slept in it while trying to stay dry.

New Zealand Adventure

(Hot Springs in Rotorua, North Island NZ) (Andrew’s first time driving on the right side of the road)

Waiheke Island Sunset

(Sunset on Waiheke Island)

Once back at school, we started playing in a band together called Mama and the Stops, and by the end of the semester we were planning a tour down the east coast from New York to Virginia for the summer of 2016. The tour was designed to raise awareness and money for homeless shelters, woman’s shelters and arts organizations. Along the way we played in various venues from farmers markets and bars, to street corners and shelters.

Mama and the Stops at Jimmy Saloon's

Benefit show at Jimmy Saloon’s. Newport RI. Photo by Jessica Pohl

We had a blast staying with friends we made along the way in trailer parks, various family homes, or friends houses. This being our first time on the road we had an incredible time, and learned a lot.

Our Cover of Queen’s “Somebody to Love”

Now Andrew is graduated and working as a computer technician, and freelance musician. He will be playing guitars on my upcoming senior show, as well as my EP Wandering Man.

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