NYC Botanical Gardens

 As a kid I was fascinated with nature. I spent whole days exploring the woods, searching and finding different plants and animals. I would pour over books and learn the Latin names for the indigenous species I found. At the age of five, my mother gave me my first orchid and I was hooked. I joined the the North Eastern New York Orchid Society as the youngest member ever and officially became a full on child-nerd, growing orchids outside my bedroom. Of course this was all a well kept secret from my friends at school. Captain of the varsity soccer team, and flower-grower didn’t seem to mix well. Luckily playing piano seemed pretty cool.

Soccer and Orchids

(Senior year photo shoot at Tamarac High) and (Most likely trying a smile to get orchid discounts)

Once I began getting interested in music, my botany obsession faded and turned into a casual hobby. I occasionally seek out exhibits, and when my friend mentioned the Thailand themed orchid show at the NYC Botanical Gardens Yajayra and I headed down to check it out.

Walking Down the Sidewalk in the Bronx

Once at the gardens we found that the conservatory was split into several different ecosystems with thousands of orchids

Orchid Collage

There was a system that divided the orchid environments, planted with only cacti, succulents and arid plants


Now years after my introduction to orchid growing and various other hobbies I am grateful for my varied interests. By surrounding myself with those who love me for who am, not who they think I am, I feel more secure, happy and connected than ever before.


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