Saratoga Summer

This past weekend Yajayra and I caught a bus from White Plains to Saratoga, a small town in upstate NY. There she met more of my wild, loving and eccentric family to celebrate my grandma’s 92nd birthday. We enjoyed the beautiful house on the snowy lake, and the chickens in the backyard. Yajayra also tried cross country skiing for the first time and although she won’t admit it, she had a blast.

Along with everything going on at school I’m also doing my best to make plans for the summer. I will be moving to Saratoga with one of my close friends Mason McDowell, and taking over the upstairs of my grandmothers house. We are booking gigs in town, the capital region, and NYC. Mason and I currently live together in our apartment on campus, and it’s exciting to know that I’ll still have a great writer, and musician to bounce ideas off of while cooking, or drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon with. I feel lucky to be living with him, I think I am as much a fan of his music as I am a friend.

Saratoga is a great town for music in the summer because it holds one of the oldest horse racing tracks in the U.S. The streets swell with tourists and it seems as if every bar and restaurant has live music during this time. Mason and I hope to play as many gigs as possible in as many venues as we can.

We will be playing songs by greats such as:

  • Stevie Wonder
  • Billy Joel
  • James Taylor
  • The Eagles


  • Our own music along with other contemporary songwriters

To check out Mason’s incredible songwriting click here

Hope to see you at a summer show!


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