Feelin’ the Love

A few nights ago we shot the music video for Revelation Blues, a piece I wrote for a Gianna, the dancer I am working with. The process was incredible! We filmed in a dance studio here at school, and working the grand piano, a few lights, and two wonderful creatives, the set came alive. It’s amazing what can happen in a room with 3 artists from different backgrounds, trying to reach the same goal. As you can tell, I’m REALLY excited about this project, and can’t wait to see it all on screen.

Chad Hylton Filming

On set for Revelation Blues

To make things even more fun this weekend my girlfriend threw me a surprise birthday party in my apartment.

Me and Yaya at Surprise Bday Party

23 years old and still can’t smile for the camera

I had a blast, and although her sneaky ways made me wonder, I was still very surprised. I’m lucky to be where I am, and I’m feeling the love in all corners of life.

I hope you are too,


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