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Lately I’ve been starting my mornings a little differently…with meditation. It’s been an interest of mine since traveling to Japan last summer. I visited dozens of temples and was introduced to Buddhism. I was fascinated with the introspective, mindful and moral ways that I learned about and witnessed among various travelers, and friends. My curiosity drove me to sign up for a class here at school where we learn how to analyze our behavior in the construct we call “society”. Along with this discovery of self, we are learning the basics of meditation.

Corry in Front Of Kinkaku-Ji Temple

Kinkaku-Ji, a Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan

I’m really enjoying meditating each morning, I’m learning a lot about myself, the “mind” and my emotional and social patterns.

Drummond L. Dominguez-Kincannon Meditating

My roommate Drummond, pretending to meditate (**edit he has now joined my class, and practices meditation as well)

I think meditation and music are similar in many ways. The telescope pointed inward is required both in meditation, and songwriting. The discipline to practice is needed for both as well. Once you really start to think about it, don’t we all need these skills in life to reach towards fulfillment, happiness and stronger relationships?

Yajayra Arana Laying in the Sun

My girlfriend Yajayra /Cat in the sun.

I find myself looking inward especially in my relationship with Yajayra. I’ve been forced to look at my actions and reactions in a way I’ve never done before. With the desire to make both myself and Yajayra happy, I’ve found that honesty, self-trust, and giving up control are essential to a growing, healthy relationship (with myself and her.) Meditation has really helped me think more consciously about this and I’m excited about what it will bring into my life, and where it will lead me. I have a feeling meditation is something that will stay with me and has the potential to be a life changing habit if I choose to continue with my practice.

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