Who am I, and why am I blogging? I’m a songwriter, musician, traveler, questioner, tooth-brusher, mistake-maker, and life student. I’d like for you to get to know me, and to tell you my aspirations, faults, and dreams, while also keeping you updated on exciting news, new recordings, and adventures!

Lil Corry

Me as a kid, at our baby grand piano in the living room.

Although music is a bright candle in my life, there are a lot of things I enjoy. I used to think that I was distracted, split in too many directions, or unfaithful in my pursuit of songwriting. Now I’m learning to accept that all my interests make me, ME. In fact, they don’t take away from the artist that I am, but add to the character I am trying to write. All my life I’ve had different obsessions; from juggling, to soccer, botany to traveling. So consider this blog an open collection of pages from the magazine of Corry. Here I’ll talk about anything on my mind that may or may not have to do with music.

In the past two years I’ve spent a bit of time traveling, backpacking, hitchhiking, and putting myself in strange, wonderful situations. My first solo trip was New Zealand.

Nelson Tasman

Day two of a three day hike in the Nelson Tasman, New Zealand.

After New Zealand I spent a few weeks of my summer in Japan, and most recently I traveled around Vietnam for a month.

Sapa, Vietnam

In the rice paddy fields near Sapa, northern Vietnam

I’ve had a strange relationship with traveling. I love the thrill, spontaneity, and freedom. But while away I would feel guilty that I wasn’t spending time practicing, and songwriting. I questioned my love for the art, and wondered if a career in music was what I wanted. After all, could I REALLY love music if I spent weeks at a time not playing?

I think I now finally feel at peace with these questions and mixed emotions. I’ve come to learn that traveling is just as much of an art as music. I may not be writing music, but I AM composing. I am creating my own wild experiences and living out adventures that only require the courage to say yes to.

Now I am back at school for my last semester here at SUNY Purchase and in full swing with everything music, friends, and life. I’m preparing to record for an EP to be released this spring and will have a lot to say about that… but more on music next week!

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